U. of C. tuition — and aid — rising

By Andrew Holzman
Herald Intern

Though students at the University of Chicago will see an increase in tuition next year, they may also get more help paying. Tuition at the University will increase four percent for undergraduates in the 2013-2014 year, but most students will also benefit from an 5.1 percent overall increase in the financial aid budget.

Undergraduates will pay $60,039 next year, $45,324 of which will pay for their classes. That number is about $30,000 higher than the College Board’s average for annual tuition and fees at four-year private colleges, which is $29,056. The U. of C.’s figure accounts for room and board though, which the College Board average does not.

“We are working to ensure that qualified students of all backgrounds and all income levels can enrich their lives at the college, and embark on life after graduation with as little debt as possible,” James Nondorf, vice president and dean of college admissions and financial aid, said in a press release.