Cut program needed at Hyde Park Neighborhood Club

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the board of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club.

Dear Hyde Park Neighborhood Club Board:

Like many Hyde Park parents, I value the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club and all that the club and the building tenants offer this very diverse community. However, I am very distressed by the Board’s decision to force Miss Tammie and Children’s House out of the building.

My son has been coming to Miss Tammie’s since 2010 and benefits greatly, as do all her children, from the quality of learning offered. My son is now 4 years old and has grown so much since being with Miss Tammie; it’s been an amazing journey. Enrolling him in her school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I speak on behalf of all the parents who have children in her school

Her school has been a part of the HPNC for 6 years and is a source of affordable schooling for Hyde Park parents. It’s the diversity of her classroom that keeps the parents and children coming back. Miss Tammie’s school also fills the need for an autism curriculum, after school education for sign language and after school care for kids who come to her from the neighboring schools.

May we remind you, her school is not a daycare center — it is a school, a place of learning and knowledge.

In the wake of all the school closings in the Chicago area, you may have managed to add one more to the list. We are extremely disappointed. Shame on you for putting the interests of others above the interests of all the students and parents affected by your rejection to not renew Ms. Tammie’s lease. Her closing on June 30 during her summer program is extremely disruptive. What are working parents going to do?

Did the board consider this when the decision was made?

Wherever Miss Tammie’s school re-locates, her students and their families will follow. It is a shame that the HPNC chooses to sever a relationship that has been beneficial to so many Hyde Park families. It shows your heart is not fully in the interests of the community or the children.

Marjorie Marshall

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