HPNC program should not be cut

To the Editor:

My twin daughters attend the Children’s House of Miss Tammie (CHOMT), which is currently located at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (HPNC). They are both on the autism spectrum and their experience at Miss Tammie’s has been extraordinarily beneficial. We’ve seen our girls make great strides in communication and social awareness over the past seven months and we are so appreciative of the teachers and community of CHOMT. Miss Tammie’s patience, experience and tireless dedication to reaching and engaging our girls has been truly inspiring and energizing for us as a family as we continue to journey with our girls through their own unique growth and development.

The HPNC has decided to end their long-term contract for space with Miss Tammie. While it is certainly within their rights to do so, it is truly unfortunate that they are creating so much uncertainty for this wonderful Montessori school. In a political climate in which an unprecedented number of public schools are in jeopardy of being closed, it is sad to see our neighborhood club limiting educational opportunities rather than encouraging the diversity that is so essential to the development of all of our children. Miss Tammie has created an integrated environment of education that ought to be celebrated. My hope is that Miss Tammie will find a home that allows and encourages her school to grow and reach even more children and families seeking a unique, diverse and nurturing educational environment.

Margaret Guillory

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