Program cut at HPNC brings values into question

To the Editor:

Miss Tammie welcomed my son into her school at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club when he was at a very vulnerable place in his development. His transformation, creativity and ability to articulate and interact with the world around him have been shaped by this very special school/alternative daycare. Her Montessori Children’s House was a godsend. The club was a facility that, three years ago, still served seniors and adults, teens and children, really the whole community in grassroots way. It seemed like an ideal location in Hyde Park, the community that I have chosen to raise my son. I love this community’s diversity, social complexity and community culture. What I do not like and am seeing unfold in this particular situation reflects the issues of race, class disparities and privilege that need to be openly discussed and how they relate to this unfortunate decision.

Miss Tammie is a loving, supportive and humble person, and she has shared with me that she does not want to be where she is not wanted. This breaks my heart. What needs to be understood is that our children have not been supported in the process. This is not about the school as a tenant, but our children’s well being. Hopefully the HPNC’s Board of Directors will take the time to hear from the families that are impacted by this SEEMINGLY discriminatory decision. All children and their families who walk through the door of the HPNC should be equally valued and supported.

The unfortunate change in values at HPNC has been painful to experience and witness. The change in values that does not include Children’s House of Miss Tammie’s. I do not understand why a school that occupies the smallest of spaces, and does so much and provided a transformative experience for our children has not been embraced by HPNC. It is counter intuitive. She should have more space to expand, thereby offering an affordable option for parents.

Why has no one from the administration or board of directors interviewed the parents to find out why we value Miss Tammie and her Montessori school?

Perhaps if this had been done she would be signing a long-term lease with additional space to expand at HPNC.

Erika Allen

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