Hyde Park mom takes on CPS

By Daschell M. Phillips
Staff Writer

A Hyde Park parent and blogger who goes by the name of Southside CPS Mom has launched a blog called Chicago Public Fools. She said she chose the title, which is a parody of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), to grab the attention of both parents and CPS administrators.

Southside CPS Mom, who has requested that her name be withheld to protect her children, said she created the blog because after doing her own research, her views changed about school reform.

“I used to feel that choice was a good thing and that charters were no big deal, now I realized how damaging it was to the public school system,” Southside CPS Mom said.
She said being affected personally by the recent school closing process was also an eye-opener.

“Our school was initially on the underutilized list but classes are already large — some classrooms have 35-40 students in them,” Southside CPS Mom said.

The blogger said she hasn’t uncovered any new data but just wants to use her blog as a platform to challenge people to take a deeper look into the changes that are being made in the school system. She said she also wants CPS administrators such as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett to know how their decisions are affecting the lives of students and their families.

“I want the mayor and Barbara Byrd-Bennett to read it and adjust their perspectives,” The blogger said. “They have not been to the hearings, they have not been to the schools, they have not heard parents, and they have not seen things from our perspective.”