In defence of the McMobil project

To the Editor:

In recent weeks there have been many letters in regard to the McMobil site, mostly negative. There are the doomsayers and those who believe “the sky is falling” in regards to traffic and parking. But most predictions of doom are unfulfilled. Years ago there were the same predictions in regard to the redevelopment of the former Osteopathic Hospital site. Although not identical to the McMobil site these predictions did not come about. I have seen no data comparing the current in and out traffic at the gas station and car wash per daily average compared with predictions when the site is developed as planned.

There are concerns about density and scale as expressed in the visioning meetings. I do not however recall anyone in the 60 years I have lived in Hyde Park express concern for example that the Hyde Park Bank Building was until recently out of scale with the surrounding buildings that it had towered over. It is of course commercial and not residential. Are the University Park Condos on 55th Street both too dense and out of scale with their surroundings? And how has the Mobil station and car wash enhanced the character of the neighborhood these many years?

Lastly none of the several articles opposing this project have commented about efforts to enhance affordable housing and diversity in the community which this project supports as noted in a recent letter to the editor from the Committee for Equitable Community Development, a local affordable housing advocacy group. If I recollect correctly the visioning group wanted to maintain a diverse community among its several recommendations.

Joe Marlin