McMobil letter author has hidden agenda

To The Editor:

For the sake of transparency, I’d like to bring it to your attention that the “Time for compromise at McMobil site” letter published in your April 3, 2013 issue, was written by a consultant and intern of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Mr. Jason Duba authored quite a passionate letter in support of all the supposed benefits of the current McMobil project. His comments were full of advice and suggestions about how “community groups” should address their objections to the current plans. And yet he was unwilling to share with the Herald his professional interest as a supporter of the current project.

Mr. Duba and others trying to push through this current project need to listen with an open ear to the concerns of the neighbors in the community. There may be one or two community groups involved in questioning the current development plans, however there are many individuals in the community that are concerned about those plans also. When I attended the recent meeting held at Augustana Lutheran Church to discuss the proposed development, there were more than a hundred individual neighbors that came out to express their views on how the McMobil plans would affect them. The vast majority of those opinions were not supportive of those plans. As a matter of fact, for the hour-plus that I was there, Mr. Duba’s opinion was the lone voice of support. As a professional in city planning, he should know that successful developments require the support of communities. Planned developments should never be advanced in spite of community concerns.

I look forward to a proposal for the McMobil site that gives greater consideration to the concerns of the neighbors in the community. It’s time the Mesa Development LLC, and Ald. Will Burns (4th), who I support as an engaged leader, reconsider the current plans.

Dr. Lawrence A. White