Ald. Burns, why won’t you fight for Canter?

Dear Ald. Will Burns (4th):

I have so many questions concerning school closings and your part in it.

I want to ask you why you fought so hard to keep all of the schools in your ward open but Canter. Was Canter the sacrificial lamb?

Why are you negotiating plans with CPS before you seek input from the affected communities? Do you really think you know what’s best for us without talking to us?

Why have you determined that Shoesmith should be a K-8 grade school without asking those who work to support it?

Why are you not fighting for your neighbors—isn’t that your job?

Why aren’t you taking a stand? You know that the mayor’s and CPS’s goal is not “utilization” (if it was, then how were you able to help save Reavis and Robinson, which are arguably underutilized?); it’s not “the budget” (If you look at all the money CPS is spending on this process, some are projecting that the savings will be less than 1 percent).

You must know the goal is to close our public schools and open charter schools. Why are you continuing to support the neglect of the South Side?

Victoria Long