McMobil will increase street life on 53rd

Dear Alderman Burns:

I am pleased to lend my support for the Mobil site redevelopment. It is a progressive step in the revitalization of 53rd Street and Hyde Park as a whole. As a resident of Hyde Park for nearly 17 years who lives within two blocks of the proposed development, I must say that I am thrilled to know that the “void“ on 53rd Street will finally be filled with much needed retail space, affordable housing and economic opportunity. It takes affordable housing to maintain diversity in Hyde Park and diversity is one of the reasons that my family planted our roots in this community. I am looking forward to increased sidewalk activity along 53rd Street connecting Lake Park to Woodlawn Avenue. The new site will facilitate an increase in foot traffic along 53rd Street, which will lend itself to a more vibrant and safe environment, improving the quality of life in the area around it. And the new residences will not only help support local retail, but will also increase activity in the neighboring parks such as Nichols Park and Elm Park. It is also wonderful that Mesa Development has agreed to construction hiring practices that are favorable to women, minorities and local residents. The vision for the future of 53rd Street is already in motion with the new movie theater, new restaurants, a new hotel, a new music venue and a variety of retailers to come. This is all very exciting! The addition of the Mobil site development is the icing on the cake. So I hope that you will approve the rezoning required for construction to start.

Thank you for your dedication to the Hyde Park community.

Timika Hoffman-Zoller