Put parking under Nichols Park

To the Editor:

McMobil project limited parking issue? Nichols Park (across the street from McMobile site) safety and modernization issues?

Here’s a possible solution. How about constructing a one or two floor underground parking garage across from the McMobil site. In other words, creating a mini-Millennium Park if you will, minus the cost overruns. A newly landscaped, more user-friendly park on top of an underground parking garage.

This would solve three problems. 1. Provide more off-street parking for McMobil, nearby retail, restaurant, as well as Kimbark Plaza customers. 2. Provide an opportunity to make Nichols Park a better looking, safer, more family-friendly park. 3. This would also get rid of and replace those ridiculous overgrown shrubs that isolate the park from 53rd Street and provide perfect cover for non-children and family friendly activities in the park.

Chicago Park District, McMobil developers, the University of Chicago and others would obviously need to work together to avoid having taxpayers left footing the bill for such a project expansion.

Coming up with fearful reasons for why Hyde Park should never change helps no one and hurts us all in the end.

McMobil will be good for Hyde Park.

Samuel Clark