Put the McMobil building on the outskirts of Hyde Park

To the Editor:

I am writing to inform that I am NOT IN SUPPORT of the proposed McMobil plan to build a 267 apartment complex/14 story high-rise on East 53rd Street across from Nichols Park. I understand that this property is owned by University of Chicago. I am really disappointed that U. of C. would want such a structure in the heart of 53rd Street across from Nichols Park. As I go to the current small businesses I hear over and over that rents are being raised and a majority of the businesses cannot stay. Is this part of an overall plan to remove lower socio-economic residents and business from the area? I/we have lived in the area over 30 years and raised three children in the Hyde Park/Kenwood community. One of our sons attended and graduated from the U. of C. undergraduate college. We now have two grandchildren living here.

The University of Chicago should plan such a structure on the outer perimeters of the Hyde Park community where it would not obstruct nor detract from the current surroundings nor contribute to traffic and parking congestion.

Carol Reliford