McMobil building is a bad idea

To the Editor:

I have been a resident of Hyde Park/Kenwood for 50 years, and I have seen many changes both good and bad. The proposal for the McMobil development is one of the worst. The developers say that by not providing enough parking they will encourage residents of the apartment building to “walk or take public transportation.” That’s ridiculous. It will encourage residents to park on the street, and make parking impossible for everyone else who lives in the area.

In addition to the parking, the height of the building is a serious problem. It is simply out of proportion to the rest of the area. We certainly need more foot traffic on 53rd street, and that space needs to be developed. But we don’t need a 14-story monstrosity.

I supported Ald. Will Burns (4th) in the last election, but he has let all of us down. Without waiting to learn what the views of his constituents were, he has jumped on the bandwagon of development at all costs. I hope he will come to his senses and reverse his position.

Tom Heagy