Nile Moving

Staff Writer

Hyde Park restaurant The Nile is leaving its location after 22 years and moving further west.

General manager Rashad Moughrabi said the new location, 1162 E. 55th St., will have seating for approximately 20 more people inside the restaurant and another 24 on the back patio.

“It’s really cool. The University (of Chicago) went all out with the deck,” said Moughrabi.

The Nile has been in its current location, 1611 E. 55th St., since it first opened 22 years ago.

“Obviously, it’s kind of scary to be moving. It just ended up working out for this,” Moughrabi said. “We actually really wanted to stay where we are but there were some problems with the building and it needed to be rehabbed and [that meant we] needed to close for a little bit, but we’re a small business and we couldn’t do that.”

The new restaurant will have an updated interior and the same menu, but Moughrabi said they are experimenting with additions to the menu.

“We’ve been playing with a Middle Eastern dumpling, we’ve been trying to do some traditional at-home dishes you don’t see in Middle Eastern restaurant, stuffed squash and things of that nature,” Moughrabi said. “The whole idea of moving is to get ourselves set up for the next 20 years.”