Opposed to the McMobil development

To the Editor:

I oppose the current plan for the development at the McMobil lot on 53rd Street. I am in favor of development at that site in scale with that end of 53rd Street, an area of Hyde Park in which many of us have chosen to live in because we value the scale of the surrounding neighborhood. It seems that our alderman and the university make plans for our community taking input only from those in the community who agree with them, rather than engaging in an authentic, inclusive process. For example, the SECC (a group funded by the University of Chicago) is given an inordinate amount of say and in fact is used by the university, the developer and the alderman, to oversee biased surveys, studies and visioning workshops. Any development of this site will involve trade-offs. The community should be given an honest chance to discuss the trade-offs, decide which they are willing to make, and require that the university and the developer also absorb some of the costs.

Joy Clendenning