Do Mobil detractors use the gas station?

To the Editor:

As a U. of C. alum (received an A.B. in geography, winter 1977), I remind the fine, outstanding citizens who today call Hyde Park home that:

During the decade of the 1950s with some spillover into the 1960s, the University of Chicago not only threatened but also endeavored to leave Hyde Park. It was only through the gentle persuasion of certain Hyde Park visionaries that the U. of C. remained where it is today.

Had I been alive and of age at that time, I would have said directly to the U. of C.: “If you want to go, do just that; you’re free to go! I, for one, have great confidence that Hyde Park will not go to hell in a handbasket!”

Now, fast forward — Hyde Park will soon not be known as Hyde Park, but as “University of Chicagoland,” because, for a number of years, the U. of C. has quietly taken over so much of Hyde Park, it is as if it were boldly and brazenly executing a hostile takeover of Hyde Park!

This leads me to comment on “McMobil.” For all the sins Exxon-Mobil has, or is, committing (depending on your point of view), at least it is an American company. Let’s just allow Mobil to stay right where it is. Let’s just allow its corresponding car wash to stay right where it is.

I kindly urge those of you who do not go to this particular Mobil and car wash and have a set of wheels to do just that and maybe you’ll learn something!

Gregory Simonic Peter Papesh