Editorial: and a little travel advice

As of this weekend, the Red Line reconstruction project begins, which means Red Line service ends for at least five months. Residents from across the South Side who use the Red Line to get around will be shuttled to the Garfield Green Line stop. In the oft-understated parlance of the CTA: Expect delays.

We have heard many estimates of just how many folks will be at that Garfield stop each day while the Red Line gets some much-needed repair, but we think it is pretty hard to determine just how many more people will be using the Green Line. What we are certain of, though, is that it is a very, very large number.

If you can use other modes of transportation — especially Metra and buses closer to the lakefront — use them. And for you intrepid types, the closures are just in time to enjoy a fine season of lakefront biking to and from your destinations.