New McMobil development will be overall benefit

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Ald. Will Burns (4th)

Alderman Burns:

I am comforted to know that you are supportive of the current development plans of the McMobil site. After reading all the articles in the Herald and having my cars and homes blanketed with opposition flyers, I decided to write you. Many of my neighbors also support this development but quite frankly lack the time or desire to write letters and attend countless meetings to have our voices heard. It seems intuitive to us that the development is needed and that many of us want more from our neighborhood. I have lived here as a homeowner for nearly 18 years, plus another two as a renter during graduate school. In all these years, I have never once walked down 53rd street to shop! I would love to have lunch and stroll through the neighborhood much like I do in other neighborhoods. I have seen this done quite tastefully in other urban areas with a university presence. My husband and I have wondered why this neighborhood has not been attractive to developers as we certainly have the income base to support more retail. Over the years, it has become clear to us that the neighborhood is divided into those that want more upscale development and those that want it to remain the same or change under their tightly defined ideas. It is very frustrating.

The only point of the opposition to which I will concede is that it will bring more traffic and congestion. Am I to understand that the opposition only wants shoppers and residents that will walk rather than use a car? What about people from other neighborhoods that will want to drive here to shop? Don’t the retailers want as much traffic as possible? Yes, the traffic will be an inconvenience to all of us, but traffic is a natural by-product of development. This one development cannot solve all the parking problems in Hyde Park. We live in a major city and nearly everywhere we go there is traffic. People adjust; they will drive and be prepared to walk a few blocks just like we do in other neighborhoods.

Yes, the project will be one of the largest in the area. However, it is clearly not a “skyscraper” or the only project of this size. The project is attractive and will enhance a lot that has been an eye sore for a very long time. The flyers say the retail spaces are for big box stores. Big box to me is a Walmart and clearly the space is too small for such a retailer. The largest space appears to be in the same range as the Treasure Island or the old Co-op (new Ross Store) on 47th Street or the planned Whole Foods development. I also heard that the height of the project will cast a shadow over the park. While this “seems” unlikely, even if it is, should the entire neighborhood be held hostage based on this point? Are the owners of adjacent buildings entitled to limit the use of neighboring sites because they will have less sun?

Are we willing to overlook the fact that the project will add TIF dollars and contribute to the current deficit? In theory, we “could” do better, but it’s the best project for the site that I have seen in my 20 years in the area. Must we wait another 20 years for a developer to do it exactly the way “we” want it?

Alderman Burns, please have the courage to do what you know is best for the growth and development of our neighborhood — approve the deal!

Evonne Taylor