Medical center not up to its reputation

To the Editor:

For some time now the University of Chicago Medical Center has been loudly proclaiming that it is “at the forefront of medicine.” If the UCMC were actually at the forefront, the following would have occurred or would be occurring, besides the process of finding advanced methods to treat its patients:

• My mother, Elizabeth, faithful U. of C. comptroller’s office employee for more than two decades, plus a crucial part of the “U. of C. family” would have been walked to and from the bathroom and bed during what turned out to be her last stay at “Mitchell” or else “Mitchell” staff would have kindly advised me ahead of time that “the walking part” was my responsibility!
• A medical mistake would not have taken the life of the former publisher of the Chicago Sun Times.
• The UCMC would still have a trauma center (despite its cost)!
• The UCMC, just like so many others, would not overcharge our government for treating patients with Medicare or Medicaid.

Gregory Simonic Peter Papesh