Money drives McMobil height

To the Editor:

I have to take exception with the recent spate of orchestrated letters in the Herald touting the “economic” benefits of the McMobil Vue53 development. The debate is not about economic benefits to the neighborhood. It’s really about doing development “on the cheap.”

Ask yourself one question: Why is there no discussion of creating underground parking? Why doesn’t the developer propose putting two to three levels of underground parking into the development (up to 350 parking spaces), thereby reducing the need for such extreme height AND alleviating the parking problem around Kimbark Plaza?

The answer was given in a community meeting held with the University of Chicago, Mesa Development and the Coalition for Equitable Community Development: it costs too much to dig down into the site.

Look at the redevelopment project in Harper Court: 35 to 40 percent of the parking is below ground. Look at the plans of MAC/Antheus Capital for City Hyde Park: 100 percent of the parking (more than 300 parking spaces) will be below ground.

But McMobil will need remediation — it’s been a gas station for almost 50 years. It needs to be cleaned up. And that’s expensive. So the red herring is to talk about economic benefits, the need for density, affordable housing, while the real point is to avoid spending the monies to clean up a potential environmental hazard.

The University of Chicago should put its money where its mouth is, and do what’s right. Fully remediate the McMobil site, put the parking below ground, and build a wonderful building that is great for and in scale with the surrounding neighborhood.

George W. Rumsey