Recycling system is doomed to fail

To the Editor:

Hyde Parkers want to recycle. It is in their nature. However, let’s do the math: The recycle bins are picked up every two weeks. A typical household has four times the recyclables in two weeks than food items. I would say that in a two-week period a typical household would have one grocery bag of food items: egg shells, meat bones, carrot tops.
But, in a two-week period, the same household would have four bins of recyclables: newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, glass jars, water bottles. And, if this household is students, bags and bags of beer bottles and pizza cartons.

I am sorry to say that I cannot hold my two large boxes of newspapers and will have to throw them in the regular trash along with another box of cardboard. Can’t wait two weeks. The math is all wrong here. Recyclable blue bins should outnumber the black bins four-to-one or if that is not feasible, should be picked up EVERY week.

Joan Goodman