Restore our historical density with McMobil plan

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the Vue53 development. Many letters have already been written in favor (and against) this development. I wanted to take a historical prospective.

Hyde Park used to be a more urban neighborhood that had a denser population and several thriving commercial districts. During Urban Renewal, the population of Hyde Park was reduced by about 50 percent and the new model was a more suburban, car-friendly neighborhood with very limited retail. I think most Hyde Parkers would agree that we are a lousy suburb but have the potential to be good, possibly great, urban neighborhood.

To get there we need to restore the lost density. That will have good and bad consequences. There is concern that Vue53 will create a “traffic nightmare on 53rd Street.” The issue of traffic is debatable (gas stations generate a lot of traffic), but I suspect street parking will get harder as population density increases.

Most buildings in Hyde Park provide no parking for their residents; Vue53 will provide some. If we aspire to have a suburban neighborhood, then traffic and parking should be our highest aspirations. But many of us would welcome a more urban landscape, even if it makes Hyde Park less car friendly.

Walking along 53rd street will be much nicer once Vue53 replaces the gas station and vacant lot that once housed a fast food restaurant. That is a trade I’m happy to make. In summary, I am very glad that the developers of Vue53 are willing in risking their money to help Hyde Park regain what it once had. I hope there is more of the same in our future.

Abraham A. Palmer