Miss Tammie finds a new home

To the Editor:

Since my move out of the Hyde Park neighborhood club, I have now found a new home at the United Church of Hyde Park, 1448 E. 53rd St., at Blackstone Avenue.
The move was made possible by all the wonderful parents whose children I teach every day.

I appreciate the trust they instill in me. I value their input on the school and I appreciate their time and effort they put in the move. Their help and dedication I appreciate immensely. If it was not for them, the move would not have been possible.

From the bottom of my heart I thank them ever so kindly.

I also wish to thank the Rev. Larry E. Turpin, pastor at United Church of Hyde Park, the board members and secretary for opening their doors to the Montessori school.
The relaunch, as we are opened, of the school at the new location will be revealed at a fundraiser at a later date.

I again want to thank everyone who has lent a hand: Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, Ms. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Pope, Mr. and Mrs. Read, Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasan, Mr. and Mrs. Srivastava, Mr. Varanasi and Mrs. Allu, Mr. and Mrs. Guillory, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Maria, Mr. and Mrs. Patton, Mr. and Mrs. Penwell, Mr. and Mrs. My-Noc Tran, Mr. and Mrs. Witherspoon, Mr. and Mrs. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. O’Bannan, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Gowder and Mr. Paul Sanders. 

Miss Tammie Crutcher
The Childrens House