Didjeridu fest Thursday

Staff Writer

Rockefeller Chapel will be holding a meditation session at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 20, complete with music and a subsequent period of silence to mark the arrival of the longest day of the year.

The solstice event, which has taken place at the chapel for several years now, is entitled “Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation,” and will feature music performed on its namesake native-Australian wind instrument.

As many as 15 members of the Chicago Didjeridu Chorus will be performing at the event, according to Tim Porcelli, the group’s director.

“The event began in Australia when someone there decided that it would be a nice idea to begin playing Didjeridu at sunset on the key season change dates and to keep the vibration going across the world via geographically adjacent events that follow the sunset,” Porcelli told the Herald in an e-mail.

The event is described as “sound healing meditation” in its online description, which according to Porcelli involves the use of vibrations to facilitate relaxation.
For more information, visit rockefeller.uchicago.edu or call 773-702-2100.