Drop-In program continued

A popular program launched by the Chicago Hyde Park Village and University of Chicago students will continue this summer after its three-week pilot, organizers say.

The Drop-In program, which ran for three weeks during the spring on Fridays at Augustana Lutheran Church, 5500 S. Woodlawn Ave., will continue as a bi-weekly program beginning July 10. The program will take place every other Wednesday and will continue to be hosted at Augustana.

The events featured discussions, workshops, refreshments and lots of opportunity for conversation — a feature that seniors who attended more formal programming by the Village in the past said they would enjoy if offered.

The Chicago Hyde Park Village is part of a nationwide aging-in-place network for seniors, which aims to provide resources to allow residents to stay in their homes as they advance in age but before they need the facilities of a retirement community.

The program will feature gentle exercise classes and computer assistance. Organizers said it was moved to Wednesdays from Fridays to accommodate a popular summer jazz event.

Call 508-397-0321 for more information.