Hyde Park, stand behind Kenwood

To the Editor:

As the chair of the Kenwood Academy local school council, I had the privilege of congratulating and shaking the hands of every graduate that crossed the stage at the school’s recent commencement ceremony. As I looked into their eyes, listened to the cheers of their family members and watched them hug their teachers and counselors, the sense of pride and accomplishment was palpable. Students were heading to colleges around the country, many of them with scholarships in hand.

Kenwood Academy is Hyde Park’s neighborhood school and, as such, it opens its doors to area students and provides a well-rounded college preparatory education. You will find Kenwood students taking classes at the University of Chicago, patronizing businesses on 53rd street, playing instruments at the Fourth of July parade and volunteering at Hyde Park festivals. They are a part of the Hyde Park community, and we need you to be a part of our school community.

Whether a business, one of our neighbors or an alum, I invite you to get connected to Kenwood. Join an LSC committee, mentor or hire our students or, in this season of school budget cuts, there are many ways you can contribute to ensuring the success of our students. Hyde Park is a great neighborhood, and it has a terrific neighborhood high school. This will be reinforced with the students as they interact with the community around them.

Juliana Stratton
Chair, Kenwood Local School Council
Class of ‘83