Montgomery Place and the CCRC Structure

By Andrew Holzman

Montgomery Place, 5550 South Shore Drive, is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). CCRCs address the entire process of aging, from complete independence graduating to acute care, in one facility.

Outside of CCRCs, there are probably about as many living options available specifically to seniors as there are to the general population, if not more. Subsidized housing authorities and even housing developments with special services for people who are retired are just some of the options on the table.

However, these are options which do not include medical supervision as part of their model. For some seniors, not having a lawn to mow or gutters to clean is enough. If seniors who live in this kind of facility start to notice that trips to the emergency room are more frequent, or that managing prescriptions and daily care has become very difficult, they might decide to move into a facility which offers more comprehensive medical care.

At that point, a senior who is not in a CCRC will need to decide between still more options. Assisted living facilities are available for seniors who need supervision close at hand. Nursing homes cater to seniors who need a safer environment due to highly serious medical problems or dementia.

A CCRC is designed to tie together this entire decision-making process under one roof. At Montgomery Place, a senior can have anything from a completely normal apartment to a room in a setting where caretakers have experience with serious memory problems.

As a senior ages, Montgomery Place works with him or her to find the setting best fit for their needs. In exchange, the senior pays a monthly fee, in addition to a one-time entrance fee, which is partially refundable in the case of Montgomery Place.

Anyone looking into retirement living options should take the decision to move very seriously. A senior has an ethical, and in some situations even legal, right to receive care in the least restrictive environment possible for them. That means a senior should be able to remain as active in the community as he or she can — something that makes the aging process and our society at large better.

For more information about Montgomery Place, visit or call 773-753-4102.

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