No. 28 bus should return to old route

To the Editor:

I am disappointed with the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) promises to give us transit with the No. 28 bus to businesses along Lake Park Avenue up to 55th Street. As you know, the No. 6 and the No. 28 turn left on Hyde Park Boulevard, leaving those of us who live on Lake Park Avenue north of Hyde Park Boulevard without transportation.

A group of concerned citizens met with Ald. Will Burns (4th). Those of us in the buildings at 4700, 4800 and 4850 S. Lake Park Ave. said we would appreciate the No. 28 bus resuming its route down Lake Park Avenue to 55th Street. Promises were made at that time.

I am appealing to the shops on 53rd Street to appeal to the CTA. I am sure that increasing access to 53rd Street through the No. 28 bus would increase business on the street: More people would shop and eat there if they had access to transportation.

There is definitely a demand for enhanced transit on Lake Park Avenue, and the No. 28 bus could meet that demand. As Chicagoans struggle through difficult economic times and government deficits, we ask the CTA to help us relieve some of the stress our families have as we have to transfer from the No. 28 bus to the No. 15 bus in order to continue our journey to access stores, restaurants and the movie theater.

Betty Kenny