Towing mars festival visit

To the Editor:

Sunday, July 21 between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., my family and I decided to walk through “Celebrate Hyde Park” before shopping in Kimbark Plaza. They were visiting from California. When we returned, my vehicle had been towed from the lot along with four others.

The July 17 advertisement in the Herald, p. 5, stated “plenty of free parking to stop at the businesses before, during and after the fest.”

I feel victimized by the plaza security personnel on duty at this time, a spotter for the towing company and the towing company. Security stated that a sign posted stated “immediate towing for anyone leaving the premise” had been taken down. We were told this after the fact but not warned prior to the towing.

The spotter immediately alerted the tow trucks sitting in the lot which cars to tow. Then, security personnel would inform the distraught vehicle owners (who thought their vehicles had been stolen) that they had been towed to 35th and Iron streets at a cost of $200.

I don’t believe that the businesses nor the university were aware that visitors were being taken advantage of in this manner. I don’t believe anyone should have this experience when visiting future festivals.

Sylvia Wright