Vue53 developers to demolish next week

Herald Intern
Staff Writer

The Mobil Gas station and car wash will close Monday, August 12 and demolition will begin the next day.

Mesa Development announced the timeline last week for work on the McMobil site, 1300 E. 53rd Street, soon to become Vue53, a 13-story retail and residential development.

According to a press release from Mesa Development, demolition will begin Aug. 13. Hyde Parkers can expect to see a fence around the site as the gas station’s underground tanks are removed Aug. 14 and 15.

Mesa said that work would begin after 8 a.m. each day, as mandated by a city ordinance.

The release from Mesa said that an environmental engineering firm will supervise the contractor doing the work while tanks are being removed, and developers have repeatedly said that they would follow necessary environmental guidelines.

A vice president at the development company was not able to provide the name of the environmental firm by press time.

Construction of the new retail and housing development is set to begin in early 2014.