“Globs, Goo and Guts!” at Blackstone — fun science

By Yasmine Laasraoui
Herald Intern

On Thursday, children sat at the floors of the basement of the Blackstone Library, 4904 S. Lake Park Ave., intently listening to science educator Nicole Beaver, or “Miss Nicole,” speak about the systems of the human body.

The free “Glob, Goo and Guts!” event at the library gave participants “a great opportunity to have some hands-on science,” said librarian Tina Carter.

Beaver, a wildlife biology and ecology specialist, broke down the digestion and circulatory processes step-by-step, presenting preserved sheep hearts, brains, eyes and pig lungs.


When Carter asked, “are you ready to get your hands dirty?” she wasn’t kidding. The children poked and probed at the animal organs, while wearing plastic gloves. Expressions of “woah!” echoed around the room as the pig lungs inflated and deflated with the use of a foot pump.

Participants also engaged in an experiment, making a green silly putty-like substance, which they played with and were later allowed to take home.
“Science becomes fun for the children,” said Carter.

“It’s good for them to see it right in front of them [and] touch it and do it themselves,” added Beaver.