Hyde Parkers help you with dating

Staff Writer

One Hyde Park couple recently launched their own business and they hope their efforts will strengthen the relationships of other couples.

Datelivery is a subscription service that delivers a pre-planned date night to customers’ homes. The newlyweds run the business out of their home on the 5300 block of Greenwood Avenue.

“The city of Chicago is expensive. Obviously, we would go out, but that’s not something we can do on a weekly basis, or even a monthly, basis. So we found ourselves doing at-home date nights,” Cory Williams said. “To avoid just doing the dinner and a movie that most people come up with, we would just come up with our own date nights. It would be fun and quirky for us and it would be more memorable than popcorn and a movie.”

The subscription-based service launched in June. Each month subscribers receive a box with a pre-planned date night. June’s box included faux-mustaches, chefs’ hats, pizza dough — and prompt cards to help turn the pizza making into a game.

In July subscribers received disco music trivia cards and DVD copies of “Saturday Night Fever,” the 1977 movie that won John Travolta an Oscar nomination.

So far, Williams said, the company has shipped out more than 200 boxes. While it is intended for adults, Williams said, the subscription boxes are kept fairly PG.

“There are other subscription boxes that are more X-rated or R-rated,” Williams said. “We pretty much just want them to concentrate on bonding.”

For more information, visit datelivery.com.