Pressure restores No. 28 bus

Herald Intern

The CTA will partially restore service to the No. 28 bus during a 180-day “experiment,” starting Aug. 25. The decision comes after community outcry over rerouting of the bus.

The No. 28 travels south on Lake Park Avenue, but its current route restricts stops between 47th and 55th streets — right now, the bus turns onto 51st Street instead of continuing south on Lake Park. During the new experimental period, the bus will make stops on Lake Park Avenue between 47th and 57th streets in off-peak hours — just as it has it the past.

When Hyde Parkers first noticed the change to the bus route, some, especially a group of seniors living in the Harper Square Cooperative, 4800 S. Lake Park Ave., looked to Ald. Will Burns (4th) and the CTA for answers. The group said the bus route was vital to bring seniors living along Lake Park Avenue to the 53rd Street business corridor.

Although Burns called the CTA’s decision to restrict service “a mistake,” a spokesperson for the CTA pointed out in April that seniors could use a transfer to the No. 15 bus to get to their destination.

This week, though, the same spokesperson told the Herald that “customer feedback” and potential increased demand for service to Lake Park Avenue has made the CTA reconsider.

Mary Levison, who led the Harper Square group which presented a 500-name petition for service restoration to Burns, viewed the CTA’s decision as a victory.

“We’re now very happy about the results, to have them give us some consideration to bring that bus back, because it is so needed,” Levison said.

Levison said she kept in touch with CTA representatives who had attended ward meetings to push for the change.

Burns said he worked with the CTA after a number of calls and letters from constituents. He urged community members to take advantage of restored service during the experimental period.

“It is my hope that residents will spread the word about the reinstated service,” he said. “Through sustained ridership numbers, CTA will see that there is a real demand for this service. The residents of this community deserve reliable public transportation.”

The new restored service will not run during rush hour: 6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. on weekdays.