Editorial is backward-looking

To the Editor:

It’s sad that your great idea for the future of 53rd is just to limit the height of the buildings lining the street. I will readily agree that the late 1940s and early 1950s were, as many people remember, an idealistic time in Hyde Park’s history. You have told Hyde Parkers that we should think of the legacy left for us by the Hyde Parkers of that time. I think we should also think about the legacy we leave for the next generation.

Please, let’s focus on a less polluted future for my children. That means green buildings and fewer cars — anything less is a disservice to our community. Younger Hyde Parkers, like younger people everywhere, are less interested in car ownership and less dependent on cars. They want to hear how this newspaper is helping to promote a neighborhood with less pollution, more and cheaper public transportation options and enough density to support a lively business district and first-rate cultural institutions.

Aaron Collard