Davis’ Hyde Park book sets standard

To the Editor:

Thirty-five years ago, the University of Chicago Press published Jean Block’s “Hyde Park Homes” and it became the benchmark for community standards, preservation significance, even real estate values. The press now has published the next benchmark: Susan Davis’s “Chicago’s Historic Hyde Park,” listing 910 buildings and 141 architects. It establishes the enduring character of our neighborhood to be its mixture of people, cultures, professions and ages as expressed in our variety of old and new architectural styles, building types, sizes and uses. It articulates our commitment to fellow residents to foster a sense of community. It will have an influence on people’s local decisions far into the future.

Your excellent review last week tells us about the author’s quest, but not about the book’s intrinsic merit. This book is an important asset to our entire neighborhood and will remain so for many years to come.

Sam Guard