U. of C. goals at Schuster site clear

To the Editor:

Your Aug. 21 article “U. of C. denies plans for site” misrepresents my comments about the Schuster Building in a way that confuses the issue. As the Herald previously reported, the university is planning a thorough renovation of the building, which is in need of repairs. The long-term goals of that project are clear — we hope to see successful retailers on the first floor who can add to the vibrancy of 53rd Street and meet the expressed needs and interests of the community. The second floor will be used for office space, which we hope can similarly contribute to the vitality of the neighborhood.

As we have for other properties owned by the university, we will work hard to seek tenants who can best contribute to those goals. It would be inappropriate, and make it much harder to get good tenants, if we were to speculate about tenants before we have reached agreements.

Finally, as we told the Herald at the time of the first article, the university has worked with existing tenants either to help them remain in the building during renovations or to identify appropriate locations in other buildings.

We look forward to sharing with you the good news about the businesses that will move into the renovated Schuster Building when those agreements are in place.

Jonathan Dennis

Commercial Real Estate Operations Project Manager, University of Chicago