No. 28 bus reprises route

Herald Intern

The CTA’s experimental period for the No. 28 bus route began Sunday, Aug. 25, and some Hyde Parkers are delighted. For at least 180 days from then, the bus will use its old route, traveling along Lake Park Avenue instead of turning onto Hyde Park Boulevard.

Some residents, especially seniors living in and around the Harper Square Housing Cooperative building, 4800 S. Lake Park Ave., found the change from the old route inconvenient. They said the bus’ turn west made it difficult to get to 53rd and 55th Street shops, many of which are located along Lake Park.

Lenora Johnson-Golorky, who lives in another building near Harper Square, said she was happy about the change, interviewed getting off of the No. 28 bus near her home.

“Where can you shop [besides 55th Street]?” she said. “They never should have taken it off in the first place.”

Carolyn Jackson, a retired Harper Square resident, said the change had meant she made fewer trips to 53rd and 55th streets.

“It just wasn’t convenient at all … I had no choice,” she said.

Now, though, she called the trip to Treasure Island “a straight shot.”

The temporary change back to the bus’ old route came after Ald. Will Burns (4th) called the re-route “a mistake” and spent weeks working with the CTA to restore service, all the while encouraged by a group of seniors who circulated a petition and kept in touch with CTA representatives at ward meetings.

On a ride along the bus’ route Wednesday, a driver dealt with some confusion and two riders said they had been delayed because they didn’t know about the change.

One of them, Aakash Shah, waited half an hour for the bus at the wrong location. Still, he wasn’t upset about the CTA decision.

“It’s good if they are doing something good for the seniors,” Shah said.