Stores, parking begin to open at Harper Court

Staff Writer

The first retailers in Harper Court opened to the public last week.

Athletic shoe retailer Villa, 5230 S. Lake Park Ave., opened over Labor Day weekend with an opening celebration last Friday.

AT&T, which previously operated at 1457 E. 53rd St., relocated next to Villa and Starbucks, which formerly sat at 1500 E. 53rd St., also opened its doors in Harper Court.

Harper Court also opened two parking locations to accommodate the added retail traffic.

The second floor of its parking garage, which is accessible on the Lake Park Avenue side of the development, is available for public use. It has approximately 150 parking spaces. The third-floor parking garage, which has an additional 75 spaces, will open at a later date.

A parking lot on Harper Avenue between 52nd and 53rd streets opened recently. All lots are pay-per-use lots.


Parking under 30 minutes costs $2; 30 minutes to two hours costs $4; between two and four hours costs $10; between four and six hours costs $12, six to 12 hours costs $15 and 12 to 24 hours costs $32.

The next scheduled opening is of the Hyatt Hotel, planned for Sept. 17.