We deserve better than McMobil plan

To the Editor:

Gee, folks. What’s wrong about the new McMobil to be, huh? What’s all the fuss about? Aside from a full set of excuses, and of shortages, what’s the problem? Well, the problem is massive (13 stories? Here?) and multidimensional.

The intended abuse of 53rd Street is unwanted, offensive, congestive, etc., etc., etc. And, just by the by, it might not even be a success for its sponsors and providers.

The Herald is to be congratulated for its detailed exposure of what the University of Chicago is about in this tawdry, grotesquely inappropriate, excess. It is as if someone dropped in from another town, or another planet, and said “Well, this is a nice little under-developed shopping strip, in a quiet, ho-hum part of the community. Let’s overwhelm it with massive construction and, just for fun — or profit — see what happens. Even if we can’t do anything, it is as massively ugly as what we perpetrated at the East end of the road.

The university is better than this. As Bruce Sagan well knows, it has been my university since 1946. And we all deserve better than this.

Charles F. Custer