Work together to improve Vue53

To the Editor:

Why are so many Hyde Parkers continuing to speak out against the “Vue53” plan and the process through which it “developed?” No, it’s NOT all over. Some are answering your Hyde Park Herald’s warning call, in your Sept. 4 editorial, to work to develop sound planning principles and prevent a “Vue53” precedent from taking hold. I am continuing to find others who share my concern with the process, which for me started in March. That’s when I heard first-hand testimony from affected residents who had been misled by petitions about zoning change boundaries at (and over and down) 53rd and Kimbark and particularly residents behind the 53rd Street “art wall” in the shadow of the 13-story tower-to-be who had not received answers to their questions.

All of us, however we come down on details of the “Vue” (oxymoronic?) or the possibilities of modifying the plan, should work to improve the process for sounding out the community’s and affected residents’ consensus, to enforce transparency and truth in advertising, and to prevent escalation of more of the same or worse. To put it snarkily to the “responsibles” — University of Chicago realtor/owners and affiliates; Mesa developers and affiliates/consultants; the Ald. Will Burns (4th) — ”it’s the process, stupid!”

Let’s ALL work together to make it better and inclusive. 

Louise Kaegi, from the 53rd Street neighborhood (in 5300 block of Greenwood)