Harper building gets new owner

Staff Writer

A mixed-use apartment building where a man was shot dead last spring has been sold to a developer who plans to beef up security in the building, but not rehab it extensively.

Mike Noeh spoke at the 53rd Street TIF District Monday, Sept. 30, about plans for the property.

To create easier access to the recycling and trash bins behind the building on 52nd Street a curb cut will need to be added, he said. One parking space will be lost to accommodate the curb cut.

Noeh said adding the curb cut will allow trash collection to happen more quickly, so traffic shouldn’t sit still while the dumpsters are dragged to the truck as it idles in the street.

Additionally the building’s internal security will be tightened. Residents will be given high tech locks, key fobs and keys that cannot be copied.

In April one resident was killed and another shot when a man approached the two after they buzzed the assailant into the building.

The retail spaces along 52nd Street and Harper Avenue will be renovated and Noeh said they hope to attract small, local shops, which may not be able to afford rents at the newly-opened Harper Court next door.

Noeh said a bike shop had expressed an interest in the space.

“We don’t expect to price [small] businesses out, and they’re not going to come if we don’t create an environment for them to come in,” Noeh said.