McMobil project remains in shadow

To the Editor:

The McMobil proponents (the University of Chicago and Mesa Development) have deliberately misled the public on the shadows of McMobil. Ald. Will Burns (4th) has gone along with this and refused to get Mesa to produce a more complete and telling shadow study. Mesa produced a “shadow study” for the 53rd Street TIF advisory council meeting on May 7 and the Chicago Plan Commission on May 16. You can download this shadow study from the website at mcmobilevue53/shadow-study.

This “study” is an obvious piece of propaganda. They would have been better off coming out and admitting, “Yes McMobil will cast long shadows over many surrounding buildings at certain times of day and it will totally obscure many residents’ views every day of the year.” But instead their shadow study showed, on pages 20 through 25, shadow illustrations on a map at 9 in the morning, noon and 3 in the afternoon in the spring, summer and fall.

Excuse me Mesa (Jim Hanson), have you forgotten about winter and the late afternoon? The day does not end at 3 in the afternoon you know.
I wrote to Jim Hanson of Mesa Development on May 14 and 17 and asked him to produce a complete shadow study showing the shadows of McMobil at 4, 5 and 6 in the afternoon in the spring, summer and fall as well as 9 in the morning, noon, 3 and 6 in the afternoon in the winter. Mesa had conveniently omitted illustrations of the shadows of McMobil at these times and times of year because these are when the shadows of McMobil would be the longest and would shade the most neighboring houses and buildings. Not to mention that McMobil will completely block many residents’ views every single day of the year, including my tenants.

On May 22 Jim Hanson from Mesa wrote back to me:

Mr. Graham:
Thank you for your interest in Vue53. We will not be completing any additional shadow studies for the project.

No transparency, no honesty, just propaganda. Thank you university, Mesa and Ald. Burns.

I asked the university and Burns to get Mesa to produce a complete shadow study. The university’s advocate for McMobil, Derek Douglas, told me he couldn’t get Mesa to produce one. Burns never returned my repeated phone calls on this matter. Burns continues to hide from the public, hide from the opposition and hide from the issues on McMobil. The shadows of McMobil are a “side effect” that the university, Mesa and Ald. Burns don’t want to acknowledge or talk about.

Mark Graham