Hyde Park homes on TV once again

Assistant to the Editor

Two Hyde Park homes will be featured in an upcoming ABC drama, “Mind Games.”
An episode of the series, expected to air next spring, will include shots at two houses located on the 4900 block of Woodlawn Avenue.

“What we were looking for was a fairly upscale house, for a congressman to live in,” said episode director Arlene Sanford. Her crew also filmed an outdoor fundraiser on the sprawling lawn of a home across the street.

“Mind Games” is a psychological drama starring two brothers, a con-man and bipolar professor — played by Christian Slater and Steve Zahn, respectively — who work at a firm helping clients using their knowledge of human behavior and manipulation.

“People come to them with problems,” said the show’s creator, Kyle Killen. “Somebody’s saying no to something that you need them to say yes to, these are the guys you go to.”

Killen, who was born in Chicago, has also written Fox series “Lone Star,” and “The Beaver,” a 2011 film directed by Jodie Foster starring Mel Gibson.

Last week’s filming comes less than three months after the shooting of NBC’s drama, “Chicago Fire,” on Hyde Park Boulevard.