Herald player of the week: Rhomel Fields 

Name: Rhomel Fields
School: Kenwood Academy
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Jersey #: No. 2
Weight: 175 pounds
Position: QB/DB
Year: Senior

Our Hyde Park Herald High School Football Player of The Week is Kenwood Academy star quarterback Rhomel Fields. Fields is currently ranked third in the city (No. 3) with four 300-yard passing games and several multi-touchdown games. Being one of the most amazing athletes on the football team, he has managed to make his presence felt on both sides of the ball as a versatile player.

HP: What is your favorite food?
RF: Pizza.

HP: What is your favorite show?
RF: Sports Center.

HP: How much progress has your team made since the beginning of the season?
RF: In the beginning, we got off to a rough start. We had a hard time gelling as a team. Both offensively and defensively our personnel wasn’t clicking. But we managed to come together at the end as we matured as a team.

HP: What was your most memorable moment as QB for the Broncos?
RF: In my junior year on my first play from scrimmage as quarterback, I threw a 70 yard touchdown pass against T. F. North High School. It was a big play. I also once ran for three touchdowns in a game.

HP: Do you currently have any scholarship offers?
RF: No, but I am currently looking at a few schools.

HP: Do you play any other sport other than football?
RF: Yes, currently I am a two sport athlete. I finished third in the city last year in track and field. And have goals to finish first this year. I’ve also shown some slight interest in basketball.

HP: Being it your senior year, what would you like to be remembered for? 
RF: I would like to be remembered for my hard work and not just my talent. I’m a firm believer that hard work beats talent.