Congresswoman Kelly visits Hyde Park

Assistant to the Editor

Second District Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) visited Hyde Park Monday morning for her first event in the neighborhood open to the press since being elected in April.

Kelly’s weeklong Economic Development Tour focusing on businesses and jobs began at the Sip and Savor coffee shop, 5301 S. Hyde Park Blvd, where the representative sat down for a public conversation with business partners Trez V. Pugh III and Phil Beckham.

The meeting, which lasted for around half an hour, included a discussion on bank lending, according to Beckham.

Beckham told the Herald Sip and Savor has faced challenges in obtaining credit. “Banks don’t trust each other after the collapse,” he said, adding that the mistrust is passed onto small business.

“Small businesses are the backbone of any community,” Kelly said, highlighting the importance of their access to capital and knowledge.

Kelly proceeded to the University of Chicago Medicine campus, where met with oncologists from the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Kelly replaced imprisoned Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. earlier this year, who was charged in February with misusing campaign funds.

“It’s sad. I’ve known him for a long time,” said Kelly, who mentioned Jackson helped her in her first run for state representative.