Council to fight for Canter

The Hyde Park Kenwood Community Conference (HP-K CC) Schools Committee is hosting a Community Action Council planning meeting Wednesday, Dec. 4.

The committee is inviting all parents, school administrators, and community and business members to attend the meeting, which will be held from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Canter Middle School, 4959 S. Blackstone Ave., to help determine whether the community should form a Community Action Council (CAC).

A CAC would consist of community members who would develop a strategic plan for the schools within their community. The CAC would then take its plan to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Board. If the school board approves of the plan the CAC would meet monthly to help guide the schools and implement the plan, with CPS and administrative oversight and support.

One of the reasons the HP-K CC Schools Committee is interested in the possibility of forming the council is to find a way to keep Canter Middle School open. Last year, HP-K CC was one of several community groups that petitioned CPS not to close the school. The school board voted to keep the school open one more year but the committee is now working to keep the school open permanently.