I agree with Currie on fracking regulations

To the Editor:

I agree with state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) that the regulations for fracking need to be stronger and more clearly defined. The proposed rules do not do enough to protect the health of the communities. Hydraulic fracturing is a process that uses and chemically contaminates billions gallons of fresh water per year that would otherwise be available for human consumption. Much of the contaminated water remains in the wells, which can threaten the underground water sources.

 With no needed protections surrounding these ponds, it could leak into drinking water sources. Since the abundance of chemicals is unknown to the community, they do not know their potential health risks. How scary would it be to raise your kids in an area you grew up, only to find later in life that because of the chemicals in your water they developed cancer? I am not saying that any chemicals that are used in fracking are known to the public as carcinogens, but that does not rule out that strong possibility. The companies are exempt from disclosing the types of chemicals on the grounds that they are “trade secrets.” How is it that politicians are protecting companies over the health of their constituents?

I believe the proposed rules need to be strengthened to protect the health of the surrounding communities from the threat of fracking chemicals. I urge people to read the proposed rules and submit their personal comments and opinions.

Molly Olson