La Rabida seeks aid

This holiday season, La Rabida Children’s Hospital and the Hyde Park Herald are teaming up to support some of the neediest families that make use of the hospital’s award-winning facilities.

An estimated 94 percent of the hospital’s net patient revenue comes from Medicaid and does not begin to cover the costs expended to care for patients — care that is, in many cases, extensive.

One example is Tori (not her real name), who was born at 23 weeks and required a myriad of surgeries to correct issues with eyesight, digestive and breathing issues before her first birthday. A team of interdisciplinary experts surrounded Tori and her family to provide care that included medical, rehabilitative, nutritional and emotional support services.

Though Tori thrived under La Rabida’s care, her family was financially strapped because of the demands of her medical condition. Frequent trips to the emergency room and lengthy hospital visits required Tori’s mother to take so much time off work that she ultimately lost her job. In the end, Tori’s medical care was covered but her more basic needs hung in the balance.

La Rabida and the Herald are encouraging readers to donate gift cards to the hospital so they can be responsibly distributed to families in need of the basics, such as gas in order to commute to and from the hospital. To contribute, but a gift card and drop it off at the Herald offices at 1435 E. Hyde Park Blvd. or at the hospital at 6501 S. Promontory Dr.

La Rabida Children’s Hospital, established in 1896, is a pediatric specialty care hospital, treating children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities and other lifelong conditions.  La Rabida provides family centered, interdisciplinary care to 7,500 children with special health care needs each year at its lakeside location.

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