Village Thanksgiving drew many together

To the Editor:

We were pleased that you could join us at our Thanksgiving “Pot Luck” and capture the spirit of this celebration in photos you shared with the rest of Hyde Park. The event was a collaboration of Augustana Lutheran Church of Chicago with Chicago Hyde Park Village (CHPV) and some University of Chicago students. Augustana provided the turkey, social hall and sides; CHPV provided a ham and beverages and everyone else brought delicious sides and desserts. Many came directly after the community service at Rockefeller Chapel. We hosted mostly small groups and singles who liked the idea of joining together to share a meal, thanks and fellowship of this special American holiday. We also welcomed some foreign nationals who wished to experience an American Thanksgiving yet also share some of their native dishes with us, and a few students who had remained in town over the short break. We think this may be the start of a wonderful new Hyde Park tradition and hope we can do it again next year.

Susan Alitto
President, Chicago Hyde Park Village