Thanks to readers from La Rabida

To the Editor:

On behalf of La Rabida Children’s Hospital and the children and families we serve, I offer heartfelt thanks to the staff and readership of the Hyde Park Herald. 

You were kind enough to run a nice story on our need for donations during this time of year — and more specifically, the importance of gift cards to our families. 

We want you to know that your message was embraced by your readers as we have had a very positive response.

La Rabida serves more than 7,500 children each year. In addition to being challenged with chronic illness, medically complex conditions and developmental issues, many of our children’s families also struggle financially. As most children look forward to receiving gifts this time of year, many of our kids do without basic items that many of us take for granted. The gift cards play a crucial role in helping our families make this a special, heartwarming holiday season.

Thank you again for your help,

Janet Haines