Distance between bus stops too long

To the Editor:

I am a regular bus rider on the 47th Street bus with the last stop being 47th and Lake Park, where I have to catch the No. 6 going south to my job on 53rd and Hyde Park. The problem is the bus stop between 47th and Lake Park and the No. 6 is too far away one-and-a-half to two blocks at best.

When you try and run to catch the bus [it] usually pulls away, even though the drivers have to see you running, and then it’s a 15 to 20 minute wait for the next bus, in winter it’s awful.

I have seen people in wheel chairs, on walkers, mothers with strollers and small children, etc. trying to run from one stop to the next, it’s simply too far away.

I have talked to supervisors, bus drivers, called 1-888-YOUR-CTA to no avail. So I decided to write to you the voice of Hyde Park. Thanking you in advance for whatever you can do.

Alice Smith